Go bold — 4 tips on writing a winning Experience Maker Award submission

This year, the Adobe Experience Maker Awards invite you to “Behold the Bold.” We want to bring your breakthroughs to the big stage by showcasing leaders and innovators who are using Adobe Experience Cloud every day to create jaw-dropping digital transformations. While having a great solution is more than half the battle, you also need your awards application to stand out. Read on for a few tips on just how to do that.

Read carefully, choose wisely

With 16 different awards categories, it’s important to carefully read through each category description to find the absolute best fit. Does your solution have social impact? Consider the Changemaker. Did you share your expertise to help your peers succeed? Look to the Ambassador. Did you put content and marketing together for jaw-dropping results? Try the Architect. If you have a great Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Commerce or Adobe Workfront story, the Engager, Disruptor, and Collaborator categories were developed specifically to prove you’re among the best and boldest. With categories for individuals, companies, and teams, there are many options to showcase your successes.

Tell us a story

Stories and real-life examples make applications come alive. Did you overcome an obstacle or turn a bold idea into a best practice? Have a project that you are particularly proud of and can illustrate your creativity and business impact? Tell us about it. When you can, also show us by including links to websites or attaching documents showcasing projects or results.

Looking for a few more ideas? Go here to read more about our 2021 Experience Maker Award winners. You’ll see how these winners talk about their game-changing transformations, including how Bose built a tech stack that gave them a top-tier digital marketing presence and Doorstep Market created an award-winning global market for local makers.

The proof must be in the package

Do you have eye-popping metrics to highlight your success? If you’ve seen revenue increases, productivity boosts, and/or improved ROI, let us know about them! And while we realize that some companies can be shy about sharing actual revenue figures, demonstrating growth in percentages or other less specific metrics are just as powerful.

But numbers alone don’t tell the full story of an inspiring digital transformation. Have you made your website more responsive? Optimized work management? If using Adobe Experience Cloud has helped you reach a major milestone or goal, bring that breakthrough to the big stage.

Embrace variety—and specificity

There’s more than one way to wow us. Go ahead and apply for multiple awards. If your team used data and analytics to great effect while doing good, no reason you can’t apply to the Analyzer and Changemaker categories. Just be sure to develop specific answers for the questions that are unique to each award category. Take the time to refine every entry based on a new set of criteria, whether it means making small tweaks to your narrative or changing the focus of your story.

Every day you use Adobe Experience Cloud to create bold experiences. Prove that you’re the best of the boldest by submitting to the Adobe Experience Maker Awards.

Be bold. Apply for the 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Awards from March 1 – April 22.

It’s time to bring your breakthroughs to the big stage and prove you’re among the best of the boldest by applying at adobeexperienceawards.com. To learn more, visit our FAQ page or reach out with any questions at [email protected]. For inspiration, check out last year’s winners here.