Frequently asked questions.

The future of customer experience starts with digital innovators.

Why should I apply?

We want to recognize the transformative experiences that our customers are creating with Adobe Experience Cloud technology. Each year, the Adobe Experience Maker Awards recognize the most innovative and impactful customer experiences achieved across 11 categories.

Opportunities for finalists and winners to build their company and personal brands by showcasing their award-winning achievements include:

  • Amplification on Adobe Experience Cloud-owned media properties, including social media channels, blogs, websites, and email newsletters.
  • Features in Adobe-sponsored content assets, such as video interviews, customer stories, and vision demos.
  • Speaking engagements at Adobe Summit, Adobe Experience Forum, and other high-profile webinars and events.
  • Networking and community building with other elite Adobe advocacy groups such as Champions, User Group leaders, and Community Advisors.

Who can apply?

We welcome Adobe Experience Cloud customers from around the globe to apply. Customers may apply directly or be nominated by their solution or technology partner. If you are a partner submitting an application on behalf of a client, your client must approve the content of the submission and to be contacted by Adobe. View a full list of eligibility and submission requirements here.

If the submission is selected as one of three finalists in a category, at least one representative from the nominated company will be required to attend the Adobe Experience Maker Awards gala event in person.

How do I apply?

Adobe customers and partners must submit their success stories by creating a profile and filling out an application. You’re welcome to apply for up to three global categories and two additional regional categories. You will need to submit a separate application to be considered for each category, but your responses to the set of general questions will automatically be carried over to each submission.

For ideas on how to best present your work, read Four Tips on Writing a Winning Experience Maker Awards Submission.

Please be aware that applications that are resubmitted based on the same accomplishment from a prior year will not be eligible for consideration in the current year.

What happens after I submit?

All complete applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by the Adobe Experience Maker Awards judging team.

Applications will be evaluated based on the overall quality of responses, with a focus on great customer experiences, innovative digital transformations, and identifying new opportunities accompanied with proof points of measurable impact.

Finalist decisions will be communicated via email to all applicants and on the Adobe Blog. We'll honor our finalists and reveal the winners at the global Adobe Experience Maker Awards gala hosted at Adobe Summit.

Who are the past winners?

For inspiration, check out last year’s finalists and winners.

Sample Experience Maker Award Application

Below is a list of the questions that can be found on the application. The example below is for the Transformer category. By clicking on each question you can see a sample answer. To apply for multiple award categories, please select up to three (3) global categories and two (2) regional categories.

These first 3 questions are common across all award categories.

Applicant details

Company name Acme Widgets
Company website

Company name: Acme Widgets

Company name:

Provide a short description of what the business does, the go-to-market channels, and the geographies included.

Our Company is a financial services leader specializing in commercial banking and wealth management, with 25 million customers and several offices in the U.S. and around the world. We straddle the B2C and B2B worlds, serving everyone from institutional clients with complex investment products to individuals with a simple checking account. We have a reputation for exceptional service with a personal touch, delivered by employees in our branch offices and the contact center. We interact with customers through those traditional channels and increasingly, via digital channels including email, website, and mobile app.

Please describe your company's business pain points, technical challenges, and goals that led you to evaluate and select Adobe solutions over other solutions.

As a business that has traditionally connected with customers through direct mail, we needed to develop a best-in-class user experience for our online channels to improve engagement with our customers. To maintain our competitive differentiation as an exceptional service provider—a crucial factor in both customer loyalty and revenue growth—we needed to deliver more sophisticated, personalized digital experiences.

Getting to the next level of digital marketing would require an extensive transformation of our existing tools and processes. Our challenges included:

  • No unified view of customers as they moved across channels
  • Monolithic, generic campaigns, with very little audience segmentation and targeting
  • Disjointed lead nurturing process, with no lead scoring or attribution
  • Inconsistent, disconnected metrics across channels, making it difficult to measure and improve performance
  • Manual tasks preventing us from being adventurous and experimenting with new ideas

Please list your cloud partners and/or business systems that integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions, e.g., ERP, CRM, PIM, CMS, DAM, BI, etc.

We use Adobe Marketo in combination with Salesforce, which enables us to maintain a streamlined pipeline of leads from digital channels to our sales teams. We use lead scoring to help sales teams focus on the most promising leads, and we can also track revenue back to the digital activities that contributed to the sale.

These last three questions are specific to the Transformer award category. To see the questions specific to different awards, click on each of the categories.

How have you brought digital strategy and internal operations into alignment to better attract, engage, and retain customers using Adobe solutions?

With Adobe’s acquisition of Adobe Marketo, we saw an opportunity to leverage our Marketo expertise while building additional Adobe capabilities. We dove in and 14 consultants earned 33 Adobe badges and certifications. We achieved all of this while maintaining our Adobe Marketo proficiency – we have more than 20 Adobe Marketo Certified Experts and 12 Adobe Marketo Solution Architects, who help us continue to drive momentum with Adobe Marketo.

As part of our processes, we developed a cross-functional approach that incorporated sales, marketing, and IT to focus on shared business goals. Our goal was setting up the internal structure to keep customers at the center of decision making and then tracking our success including MQLs and ROI.

How are Adobe solutions pivotal to your organization’s transformation? What benefits have you observed? Over what period of time? (i.e., xx% faster time to market, xx% reduced churn, xx% increased traffic or conversions)

Managing our leads effectively is critical to making families aware of our leadership and innovation in this area. In the past, marketers were hampered by antiquated marketing software that was cumbersome to use and limited in functionality. Moreover, the software didn’t integrate readily with

After evaluating their options, our marketers decided to replace the old system with Adobe Marketo. The team now has an integrated engagement platform with a rich feature set that enhances nurture programs and supports lead scoring and attribution. These capabilities have shortened the time from lead acquisition to enrollment, decreased cancellations, and dramatically reduced the time spent on campaign creation.

Did you replace any existing technology with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions? If so, what was the benefit of moving to Adobe?

Adobe Marketo offers many advantages over our previous marketing software. For example, in the past, it took days for marketers to create and execute even simple batch-and-blast email campaigns. Now, with Adobe Marketo cloning and tokens, marketers spin up new campaigns in 30 minutes or less.

Our marketers can clone a previous campaign, add new content, and update the tokens—all from a single point and without having to touch the assets and collateral. Adobe Marketo also allows us to take advantage of our naming conventions to clone one program and then augment it with assets from another program. The efficiencies we’re achieving translate into a nearly 90% reduction in the time spent building new campaigns.

With Adobe Marketo, our company incorporated lead scoring into its nurture programs. Scoring allows marketers to use demographic data along with online behavior to create models that help salespeople gauge a prospect’s level of interest so sales reps can focus on those prospects most worth pursuing at any given time. The result is greater sales productivity and higher return on investment (ROI) in lead generation activities.