Recognize the remarkable.

Four tips on writing a winning Adobe Experience Maker Awards submission.

You’ve built a new standard for customer experiences, and now it’s your chance to be recognized for your remarkable accomplishments. The Adobe Experience Maker Awards celebrate the top performers from Adobe’s global Experience Maker community who took on transformation and delivered incredible results. Here are four tips for writing your best application.

Play to your strengths

Adobe recognizes exceptional Experience Makers in 11 categories — and it’s important to choose the ones that align with your achievements. Explore the award category descriptions to decide which ones let your digital innovations shine . Did you use Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to optimize content workflows? Consider The Conductor. Did you share your expertise to help your peers succeed? Look to The Ambassador. Did you deliver personalized, immersive shopping experiences? Check out The Disruptor. With categories for individuals, companies, and teams, there are many ways to showcase your extraordinary accomplishments.

Show us your story

Stories and real-life examples make applications come alive. Did you overcome an obstacle or turn a bright idea into a best practice? Maybe you have a project that illustrates your creativity and business impact. Tell us all about it, and wherever possible, include links and documents that further illuminate your experiences. For examples of successful stories, read about our 2023 Experience Maker Awards winners and get inspired by how they showcased their best performances.

Prove your performance

If you’ve driven revenue increases, boosted productivity, or improved ROI, let us know in your application. While we realize that companies may hesitate to share actual revenue figures, percentages and other metrics can be powerful ways to demonstrate growth.

Numbers alone may not tell the full story of your digital transformation. If you’ve made your website more responsive or optimized your work management using Adobe Experience Cloud, share that achievement in your application.

Know your audience

There’s more than one way to gain the recognition you deserve, so we encourage you to apply for multiple awards. Be sure to treat your applications for different categories as unique submissions, whether that means refining an entry to fit new criteria or changing the focus of your story.

Every day, you use Adobe Experience Cloud to create remarkable experiences. This is your opportunity to prove your impact.

Apply for the 2024 Adobe Experience Maker Awards by December 22

It’s time to spotlight your most outstanding customer experiences. Apply now at To learn more, visit our FAQ page or direct questions to [email protected]. For inspiration, check out last year’s winners.