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Maverick finalists


Lemieux is a UK brand known for high-quality equestrian products. Their customer-centric approach to their content and shopping experience has helped them expand into international markets and fuel their impressive growth.

Relaunching their website as 10 separate websites was an unconventional approach. Leveraging Adobe Commerce, they were able to run 10 customer-focused web front ends from a single back-end interface. This allowed them to scale in a very short period of time due to efficiencies in both technology and the working process of a single eco-system.

Their “Colour Story” approach beautifully emphasizes LeMieux’s values of understanding the relationship between rider and horse. We loved the toolbar which helps riders select gear and accessories based on the color of their horse. By deeply understanding their customers and tailoring the experience to them, they were able to achieve truly impressive results.

LeMieux generated a 61% consumer revenue increase, which was driven by a 5.6% lift in conversion, coupled with 41% more items per order and a 17% boost in average order value. Their trade business users grew by 23% and the US business saw a massive 197% increase in revenue.


Tabcorp is a leading player in the Australian gambling industry, with a diverse range of established household names amongst its portfolio of offerings such as TAB, Keno, The Lott, and Sky Racing.

The company faced the challenge of understanding its customers across its various brands to enhance engagement and create value. To tackle this issue, they turned to Adobe for support in developing a cohesive and consistent customer experience across all channels. By utilizing Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), the company was able to achieve near-real-time in-venue experiences across 4,000+ TAB venues, helping to re-activate customers based on in-venue activity. As well as link above-the-line activities with digital campaigns to drive +38.3% uplift. This unification of in-venue and digital customer experiences resulted in significant benefits for the company and its customers.

Thanks to their partnership with Adobe and the use of AEP and Journey Orchestration, the company was able to deliver bespoke campaigns for specific venue partners and race days. This resulted in a remarkable 80% uplift in digital in-venue betters, a 44% uplift in digital in-venue turnover, and a 64% increase in digital in-venue revenue.


The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group (TWG) is a leading New Zealand retail company that operates multiple brands across various channels, both online and in-store. TWG wanted to improve its customer profiles and engagement data across brands and channels to enable personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns. To achieve this, the company turned to Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) for its real-time activation capabilities, privacy, data governance capabilities, and custom solutioning approach.

Using AEP, TWG was able to create a unified customer profile across three brands and 10 identifiers, enabling a Single Customer View across various channels. The company implemented custom solutions, such as filtering data before loading into profiles, creating brand-specific CRM IDs, and exporting profile snapshots outside of AEP.

Through its innovative use of AEP, TWG has delivered a unique customer experience and empowered its internal teams to drive cross-channel personalization campaigns with significant business impact, including a +147% email open-to-purchase rate for iPhone sales and +9.8% online revenue growth in its new Grocery category. The company also saw a +2.5% in-store revenue growth across six stores in the initial trial phase.

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